Steel Palisade Security Fencing

Steel Palisade fencing is designed to provide a formidable barrier

Steel Palisade Security Fencing Solutions

Steel Palisade fencing provides property protection whilst acting as a significant deterrent against the most common forms of attempted intrusion and criminal damage.

JB Corrie Steel Palisade fencing is a strong, durable cost effective barrier fence, available in a variety of standard heights. Steel Palisade fencing provides excellent protection against climbing and attack.

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Protection against climbing and attack

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Strong, durable and cost effective

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Popular, versatile and reliable

Product specifications

Additional options: A standard 2.75m wide bay of steel palisade typically includes 17no. pales per bay. This can be increased to 26no. pales per bay for high security sites such as public utility or to a maximum of 35no. pales per bay for where reduced visibility coupled with high security is required.

Posts can be extended to support a range of further security toppings.


Steel Palisade can be used for a range of locations including:

Palisade fencing offers excellent protection for differing levels of perceived risk, from low-risk fencing for demarcation purposes through to high-security designs, which are manufactured to meet the needs of Critical National Infrastructure sites of strategic importance.

Court Options

Fence Height (m)Pale TypesPale Thickness (mm)Rail Size (mm)Post Centres (m)Post Section (RHS/RSJ)
1.2D' or 'W'2/2.5/345x45x62.75100x55/102x44
1.5D' or 'W'2/2.5/345x45x62.75100x55/102x44
1.8D' or 'W'2/2.5/345x45x62.75100x55/102x44
2.0D' or 'W'2/2.5/345x45x62.75100x55/102x44
2.4D' or 'W'2/2.5/3/3.5/445x45x62.75100x55/102x44
3.0D' or 'W'2/2.5/3/3.5/450x50x62.75100x55/127x76

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