Anti Climb Security Solutions

JB Corrie have many solutions to deter unwanted visitors climbing on to your property.

Anti Climb Security Solutions Solutions

JB Corrie can offer a wide range of products to make your property or premises more secure..

From barbed wires, rotating guards to high security concertina barbed tape, there is a solution to suit all clients.

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The most common and cost effective solution to deter climbing is the addition of galvanised barbed wire. Typically three rows of wire are installed to vertical or lean over arm steel extensions. A six wire option can be installed using a steel Y top extension.

These can be manufactured as an integral part of your new fencing or retro-fitted to an existing perimeter.

A high security addition to the above would be extendable coils of concertina razor wire to discourage the most determined intruder.

An alternative to barbed wires is a rotating vane system. This can be supplied in many different formats including nylon spiked, steel spikes and plain nylon rotating drums.

A metal rotating anti-climb guard is designed with security in mind but without intent to cause serious harm. it’s rotating action creates an unstable barrier which rolls if anyone attempts to climb over it. The spiked version making it more difficult for an intruder to gain purchase.

Visually it is a clear warning in itself and so does not contravene either the Health and Safety at Work Act, COSHH regulations or any other civil or criminal laws. Simple to install, cost-effective metal rotating anti-climb guard provides an all-round security solution to perimeter protection.


All situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely and particularly where Public Liability legislation applies including:

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