Information on Galvanising Process 2024

Chromium Trioxide removal in the galvanising process

As a chemical that has carcinogenic risks linked to its use, Chromium Trioxide (Chromium VI) which is currently used in the passivation phase during the galvanising process is being phased out in April 2024 under UK and European legislation.

The Chromium VI is the main additive for keeping the galvanised surface of the material bright and shiny before it naturally patinas after circa 12 weeks.

As there is no direct equivalent of this chemical a change will be noticeable as the non-chrome alternative selected does not react in exactly the same way. As a responsible company we support the removal of this and are keen to inform you of this change as we near the April deadline.

Thickness and properties of the galvanising remain the same, but you may observe a slight difference in the appearance of galvanised products, possibly a satin like finish or faint striping on thicker sections. Cosmetical variations from the chemical change from the passivation but this does not affect the protection given by hot dip galvanising the steel.

If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will address them with you.

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