JB Corrie offer the Gallagher advanced perimeter security solutions founded on two core principles: deterrence and detection. The Gallagher system is reliant on high energy monitored pulses sent through strained fence wires, it’s high voltage but low amperage, a safe and legal system that offers a visible and physical line of defence so that when a breach is attempted it provides a deterrent to the attacker while alerting the site security stakeholders to a would be attack.

Gallagher Monitored Pulse Fence has been a staple of the JB Corrie High Security Product Portfolio since we became a dealer and installer in 1996. The JB Corrie installed Gallagher System has an enviable track record of success in the Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) sector for High Security defence to Industrial/Pharmaceutical facilities, MOD Establishments, Network Rail, National Grid, Reservoirs and Pumping Stations, Power Stations and the Utilities sector.

The flexibility of the Gallagher system specifications can provide an entry level high security system with a number of upgrade options to Government Approved systems aimed towards Very High Security and Anti Terrorism. The combination of CCTV and other intelligent PIDS systems allows the client to customise their security suite and ensure that their site is always in good virtual hands. Always alert, always ready for action, always deterring.

Over 25+ years as a Gallagher dealer and installer, JB Corrie has become one of the key UK providers for the product, offering a supply and install service. On a number of occasions since 1996, JB Corrie has been the largest dealer and installer for the year. In one year alone over 15km of Gallagher Fencing Product was procured through JB Corrie.

The security of our clients is of paramount importance and we are proud to support these highly important sectors. The many kilometres of Gallagher fence we have installed for the power generation sector for instance has ensured intruders are kept out, they avoid life threatening hazards and keep the lights on for industry and homes throughout the UK.

For more information contact us on 01730 237100 or email sales@jbcorrie.co.uk.

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