Centennial Tennis Court Fencing

Unique bespoke fencing designs manufactured for your clients.

Would Your Client Like To Bring Some Art Into Their Garden?

No longer do you just have a choice of angle or tubular tennis court fencing.  Your clients can now have posts and gates with laser cut designs. The Centennial tennis surround system is Corries flagship tennis product. The system is specifically designed for clients requiring that individual touch

The unique Centennial posts can be personalised with almost any design, words, shapes, intricate patterns, providing a see-through support with a traditional or modern look depending on the chosen design. The Centennial system can also include integral up-lighting units that illuminate each post for stunning visual effects.

  • Drop side fences with safety glass panels
  • Ornamental posts with flower basket hangers

Gates can even have laser cut initials or artwork for a unique gate set!

Choose from one of our original designs or alternatively give us an idea and we will produce the posts for a truly one of kind, bespoke fence, tailored and personalised to your requirements.
The system skilfully includes posts that have been uniquely engineered from a single piece of robust steel, This method produces a creative wow factor that brings a new dimension to tennis court surrounds.
Posts can include wording, patterns and shapes if you can imagine we can build it!
To add to the individuality of the Centennial system we can include integral up-lighting units within the post structure, These units illuminate the posts from within, generating a stunning effect. Choose from white, coloured or multi coloured integral up-lighters, These can simply turn on or off or turn on from dusk to dawn or even be sound reactive to pulsate to music! **

*** Please note standard tennis court fencing is unsuitable for attaching wind break / advertising netting.  If you require a suitable tennis court fence capable of taking wind break please enquire ***

** J B Corrie supply the support posts and light units, all electrical cabling, wiring and power connection must be undertaken, tested and certified by a qualified electrician.