Security Installations

J B Corrie is a leading UK based Security Installer/Contractor.  Working alongside our clients,  JB Corrie, experts in security installations, plays an important part in protecting the Nations Infrastructure, assisting in the provision of the perimeter security of Power Stations, Sub-Stations, Reservoirs, sensitive military establishments, pertro-chemical establishments and other major national assets.

J B Corrie provides and installs Fully Integrated Perimeter Protection Systems (FIPPS) that go far beyond the physical fencing and gates we also install to secure a site.  FIPPS are inclusive of: Security Fencing, Power Fence, Turnstiles, Automated Gates and Barriers, Road Blockers, Access Control, CCTV, and other Perimeter Intruder Detection systems.  Security systems are constantly making technological advances and J B Corrie make its business to keep up to date and advise on the most suitable systems available.

Our client portfolio extends around the United Kingdom through Utility Sectors, Ministry of Defence, Prison Service, Government Level, major and local Airports, Military Bases;  making the UK a safer and more secure place.

J B Corrie Security Installations are quality assured.