Retractable Tennis Court Lighting

J B Corrie manufacture and supply a range of recreational retractable tennis court and sports lighting.

No need to view permanent imposing full height lighting columns, these neatly designed retracting light posts are fitted as either free standing or as an integral part of the fencing surround. Each light extends from 2.75 m to 4.25 m*    * = other heights available

Lighting your tennis court or sports areas for recreational play or for social functions and parties

Each retractable post includes a Led or metal halide water proof IP65 light unit

Our unique extending / retracting light posts can be supplied as an integral part of the fencing or as standalone free standing units. If integrated into the court fencing system, they can fit into either the full height fencing or the drop side sections.

Our retractable lighting system is designed for a good quality light for recreational tennis/sports, normally for a better spread of light on a standard sized tennis court we would advise having a total of eight of the light unit posts (4 down each long side) The light units and internal post sections are extended and retracted with a manual winch that can be easily used in conjunction with a cordless battery drill for a less physical / quicker raise / lower. The retractable light posts are capable of taking some larger / double light units (depending on the size and weight) with these alternatives we would always advise that the inner extended posts are retracted after use to avoid any possible wind damage as the units on top of post can have a very large surface area depending on the light specifications.  If a professional L.T.A level of light was required on a single court we are also able to offer a large post section system to achieve this, but the posts will need to be 3 m high extending to approx. 4.75 m high or on permanent fixed height posts.

J B Corries quality cost effective retractable light system is built and designed for ease of use and longevity using strong steel sections that have been cut, drilled and welded before hot dip galvanising this ensures all areas have been zinc coated for a superior life span. Once this process is complete we polyester powder coat the posts for appearance whilst adding to the posts life. The posts come with a pre-wired inner extending cable and IP65 waterproof connection boxes set at the top and the bottom of the posts.

Posts hot dipped galvanised to BSEN ISO 1461

Posts galvanised and polyester powder coated green or black to BSEN 6497

Water proof IP65 connection boxes are prewired and included top and bottom of the post. A qualified electrician will need to be employed to connect the lights and the lighting system to a RCD protected electrical supply to the latest electrical safety regulations. Metal halide lighting units available starting from 150 w alternatively a range of LED energy efficient flood lights are also available

LED Tennis court sports lighting

Led Power                      Circuit watts         Typical Lumuns

100 w                                  110                      14300

150 w                                 165                       21450

200 w                                220                        28600

225 w                                248                         32340

IP65 rated

Typical Lumuns per watt 130

Various options available please enquire

Light units suitable for our retractable light units or our static light columns


  • Private courts
  • Club courts
  • Parks
  • 5 a side Football lighting
  • Multi use area lighting
  • Muga lighting

*** Please note standard tennis court fencing is unsuitable for attaching wind break / advertising netting.  If you require a suitable tennis court fence capable of taking wind break please enquire ***