Premier Rebound Fencing

Image rebound boards combine any digital image with the true rebound and quality of a Rebound board.

JB Corrie’s Premier Rebound fencing has been developed over many years to be the ultimate rebound system. The Premier system consists of a patented and modern sleek slotted rail system that encapsulates the board and removes the need to drill and bolt the boards in place. This achieves a secure fixing without the need to break the surface of the board.

The innovative Corrie Premier system offers exciting opportunities for advertising revenue. The system allows the encapsulation of Corrie Image rebound boards which combine any digital image with the true rebound and quality of a standard rebound board. Image boards are coated with a special film that enables them to have digital images printed on the face side. This creates a whole new avenue to personalise the fencing scheme with corporate logos and sponsored advertisements. The Image boards can be incorporated at any location throughout the scheme.

  • Cleaner edges and lines
  • Prolonged board life
  • Reduced cost thought advertisements
  • Labour saving
  • No drilled boards
  • Birch ply wood through out, polypropylene green coated with triple edged seals
  • Boards 2990 mm long x 1200 mm high x 12 mm thick
  • Double height goal/advertising areas
  • Creation of a personalised fencing scheme


  • Sports pitches
  • Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA)
  • Advertising hoardings

Alternatives to consider

  • Standard bolted J B Corrie Rebound board PA Systems


Box section posts, sections depending on specified heights
Slotted rails
2.99 metre x 1.2 metre high x 12mm rebound boards
Galvanised to BSEN ISO 1461
Powder coated BSEN 6497