Security Power Fence

At JB Corrie we specialise in the Supply and Erection of Power Fence™ Systems to new or existing fencing installations throughout the UK.

We are certified Gallagher channel partners for the installation and servicing of PowerfenceTM

Our manufacturing facility at Petersfield has the capability to produce standard and one off steel fencing systems and specialist fabrications to suit Power Fence™ installations.

Power Fence™ is a pulsed energy fencing system offering a safe and legal deterrent conforming to the highest international security standard BS EN 61011 it offers:-

  • An aggressive visual barrier that detects and deters
  • Multi zone management capability
  • PC based control system with IP networking capability
  • Compatibility for integration with CCTV – alarms and detection systems
  • Event discerning technology, minimising false alarm incidents
  • Flexibility of installation to new or existing fencing systems
  • Erection to full height of fence or to the top only as an anti-climb deterrent
  • Industrial/pharmaceutical facilities
  • MOD Establishments
  • Network Rail
  • National Grid
  • Reservoirs and Pumping Stations
  • Power stations
  • Utilities sector