High Security Fencing

JB Corrie are a key provider of product and service to the Security Sector servicing the ongoing and increased need for secure solutions for both hostile person and hostile vehicle mitigation.

Working to established designs from the industry or Government, JB Corrie manufacture and or supply then  install a wide portfolio of specifications and heights of perimeter High Security fencing, gates , barriers, PIDS (perimeter intruder detection systems) including the Gallagher Electric Security Fencing  and Geoquip Intruder Detection System integration.

Whether your project is your own High Security Design, a British Standard under BS1722 or a Government borne or tested industry design JB Corrie can provide the level of protection from our product and service expected with continuous innovation and improvement married to our package of delivery.


  • High Security Fencing and Gates
  • Gallagher Electric PULSE Security PIDS Fencing  – 3.4m high to 4.6m high  standard, other secure height. PIDS Standard Pulse or Dual Pulse for higher security protection.
  • Critical National Infrastructure High Security Perimeter fencing –     to Government level tested under the Scheme used to protect Critical National Infrastructure
  • Telescopic gates – Standard and High Security variants from 1.8 – 3m high as standard
  • Bi-folding gates – Standard and High Security variants from 1.8 – 3m high as standard
  • Sliding gates  variants from 1.8 – 3m high as standard cantilevered or  tracked, rectangular hollow section framed mesh, palisade or vertical bar clad as standard.
  • Speed gates Standard and High Security variants from 1.8 – 3m high as standard.
  • High Security Crash tested road blockers – installed to vulnerable locations for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Rising Arm Barriers –  standard manual and automated and High Security as part of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solution along with other PIDS equipment.
  • Security barriers – for protection of commercial and national infrastructure assets.
  • Turnstiles – control pedestrian movements in commercial and secure locations.
  • Steel palisade – standard 17 pale covered in commercial security applications and to NGTS 2.22 (TS2.10.02) National Grid High Security standard security design.
  • High Security Utilities Palisade – to High Security Government Tested Grade 26 pale variables, standard options from 2.4 – 3m high other heights available to suit site application.
  • Bollards – static, round, square root & baseplated ( including impact high security Government and Industry tested rising bollards)
  • Building hardening to secure sites –steel framed bespoke JB Corrie designed units clad with high security materials – for example 358 welded mesh, Expanded Metal etc.
  • Impact tested security fences and gates for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and Anti Terrorism measures to prevent attack using cars, trucks, buses and other modes of transport used to attack
  • Security railings as part of a landscape architectural solution to capture aesthetics and cater for secure needs along with hostile person attack.
  • 358 High Security Welded Mesh – specifications to suit all sectors including the JSP 440 MOD grade and other Government tested industry designs as well as JB Corrie standard patterns.
  • Welded mesh – to suit the standard commercial and high security applications typically 50x50x3mm or 75x25x3mm roll form variant security welded mesh
  • Anti- intruder chainlink to MOD standard BS1722 PART 10, rectangular hollow section steel and reinforced concrete posts.

Suggested Applications:

  • Commercial and Private Owned Premises
  • Industrial/pharmaceutical facilities
  • MOD (Ministry of Defence) Establishments
  • Network Rail (High Speed and Standard Network Infrastructure)
  • National Grid (Substation Standard & High Security sites)
  • Reservoirs and Pumping Stations (National Water Network Infrastructure)
  • Power stations
  • Utilities sector