A picture of the J B Corrie Dropper fence printed in The Telegraph 05/12/17, if you look closely you can also see the Queen in the background



JB Corrie Corstag Dropper fencing is one of the first fencing systems JB Corrie ever produced. The patented dropper design allows the fencing support and straining post centres to be extended. These increased post centres mean the quantity of posts that are required are reduced. This in turn brings down the cost, making Corrie dropper fencing one of the most cost effective fencing systems to date. Corrie Corstag Dropper fencing consists of multiple high tensile line wires braced with Corrie Corstag Dropper bars. This style of fencing has proven very popular with many applications including carriage and motor ways, railway infrastructure, the great parks, farm/cattle fencing, deer parks and animal parks.

queen droppers

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