Integrated Security Systems

Combining various products for fully Integrated Solutions.


    • Gallagher Power FenceTM
    • Access Control Integration
    • C.C.T.V. Integration
    • Audio Alarm Alerts
    • PID Systems (Perimeter Intruder Detection)
    • Key And Code Entry Systems
    • Biometrics
    • Code Entry Systems
    • Video Entry Monitoring Systems
    • IP Network Management Systems
    • Management of Local and Remote Sites
    • Integrated Electronic Access Control on Perimeter Gates
    • Proximity Sensor Systems
    • Buried Cable Systems
    • Perimeter Protection and Lighting Integration

JB Corrie are a major provider of integrated security systems, the use of fit for purpose hardware, correctly installed, commissioned and supported by compliant software provide the client and their internal stakeholders a benefit of both ease of use and peace of mind when protecting their critical assets and infrastructure.

We can provide and guide on either on site or off site monitoring of the integrated security solutions to your ARC (alarm receiving centre) this can be either a dedicated facility or as simple as an SMS text providing you the alert you need at its most essential time affording you the next decision to mitigate the attack.

JB Corrie can provide supporting infrastructure for instance cable containment and or ducting, civils (camera bases, cabinet bases, cable containment groundworks) PIDS / Field Cabinets.  Steelwork, Towers, Building Hardening and Asset Protection Hardware.

The following list is an example of the product and service elements that JB Corrie can offer, integrate, commission and support.