Angle Iron and other Steelwork.  Information for you and your clients:

On some steel items you may see variations in the coating appearance, this is caused by the contrast in the steel chemistry that can take place across an individual products surface. The most important element in this respect is the silicon content of the steel, as this strongly affects the steels reactivity when it is dipped into the molten zinc.  At this moment in time, Angle Iron and other steel sections can be supplied with high levels of silicone.  These levels are within the accepted steel manufacture specifications and tolerances.

Silicone levels can cause a rash effect on the steelwork after it has been hot dipped galvanised, although this can be difficult to be seen by the naked eye.  However, when the materials are Polyester Powder Coated, the rash effect is highlighted and becomes more visible.  During our fettling (cleaning the rough edges) process, we endeavour to remove the rash but eliminating it completely, without taking away the protective galvanising is impossible.

The amount of silicone can vary from product to product and currently we are unable to achieve or supply, Angle Iron and other steel sections that is completely free from this effect. It is important to note that the silicone rash does not affect the strength or longevity of the steelwork, but it does affect the aesthetics and unfortunately galvanised and powder coated steel sections cannot be guaranteed to be supplied blemish free.

If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will address them with you.