Image Rebound Boards

Image rebound boards combine any digital image with the true rebound and quality of a Rebound board. Image boards are coated with a special film that enables them to have digital images printed on the face side. This process creates a whole new avenue to personalise your fencing scheme or to raise funds towards your facility through advertising.

Image boards are used in conjunction with JB Corrie’s patented Premier rebound fencing system that encapsulates the boards within the Premier system rather than effecting the longevity of the boards by drilling and bolting the boards in place. Image rebound boards are solely available through JB Corrie.

  • True rebound
  • Full colour graphics
  • Ink vandal resistant, when in full colour
  • Ink stable for up to three years
  • Hi-tech digital printing
  • Wisa quality warranty
  • Advertising boards helps fund boards/pitch


  • 5 a side / football areas
  • Multi use games areas (MUGA)
  • Picture/mural walls
  • Advertising hoardings

Alternatives to consider

  • Standard Rebound board PA system
  • 358 PA system
  • Corrie Play