Finial Tennis Court Fencing

JB Corrie Finial Tennis Court Fencing is based on our successful cost-effective tubular system with an added touch of style.

The support posts are fitted with a solid cast finial top for that classical refined look. Single and double gates are supplied with a solid vertical bar interlaced infill adding to the exclusive look of the court.

  • Visually attractive
  • Cost-effective
  • Classical look
  • Choice of finial designs


  • Private tennis courts
  • Club tennis courts
  • Parks
  • Schools

Alternatives To Consider

  • Tuba tennis courts
  • Right angle tennis courts


  • 42.1 x 2.5mm od line posts
  • 60.3.x 3.2mm od line posts
  • 60.3 x 3.2mm od straining posts
  • 45mm x 3.15mm x 2.24mm g/c chain link
  • Solid Bar Interlaced single and double leaf gates

*** Please note standard tennis court fencing is unsuitable for attaching wind break / advertising netting.  If you require a suitable tennis court fence capable of taking wind break please enquire ***