Dropper Farm Fencing

JB Corrie are manufacturers and suppliers of strained wire systems for farms.

JB Corrie Dropper farm fencing is one of the first fencing systems JB Corrie ever produced. The patented dropper design allows the fencing support and straining post centres to be extended. These increased post centres mean the quantity of the support posts is dramatically reduced when compared to other standard systems. This makes Corrie dropper farm fencing one of the most cost effective fencing systems out there.

Corrie Dropper farm fencing consists of multiple high tensile line wires braced with Corrie Dropper bars. This style of fencing has proven very popular over the years with the farming community. The intermediate posts can be spaced out to 7.5 m centres and the straining posts set at 150 m centres, the high tensile line wires or strands of high tensile barbed wire can also have stock wire tied to fence depending on the application required.The droppers themselves are hot dipped galvanised for longevity, these combined with hot dipped galvanised steel support posts will create a system that will outlast a timber post system by decades.

J B Corrie manufacture all types of standard farm fencing posts and gates, along with this standard farm fencing we also manufacture bespoke systems to suit your requirements. These include various different types of steel posts along with gates manufactured to suit your site dimensions / specifications.

  • Strong and versatile
  • Large stocks of Dropper fittings available from stock, these include droppers, dropper clips, clipping tools, ratchet winders, ratchet tubes and high tensile line wires
  • Extended post centres, reducing the cost
  • Galvanised for longevity
  • Low cost, cost effective farm fencing


Suitable Posts

  • Rectangular hollow section (SHS, RHS)
  • Circular hollow section (CHS\Tube)
  • Angle iron (AI)
  • Concrete
  • Timber



  • Farm specifications
  • Highway construction details including H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9 and H 10 specifications
  • Railway specifications
  • Galvanised high tensile line wire 3.15mm (1050 Newton breaking strain)
  • 2mm droppers (corrugated)
  • 4mm formed dropper clips
  • Standard bay width. 7.5m*
  • Standard fence height 0-3m*
  • Finish Hot dipped galvanised or galvanised and polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour.
  • Single swing, double swing and sliding gates available to match

Alternatives To Consider

  • Welded mesh
  • Chainlink
  • Stock fencing

* Depending on application.
Dropper items available from stock

457mm galvanised droppers
559mm galvanised droppers
686mm galvanised droppers
762mm galvanised droppers
787mm galvanised droppers
864mm galvanised droppers
914mm galvanised droppers
990mm galvanised droppers
1041mm galvanised droppers
1092mm galvanised droppers
1143mm galvanised droppers
1219mm galvanised droppers
1320mm galvanised droppers
1371mm galvanised droppers
1829mm galvanised droppers
Dropper fixing clips
Dropper clip fixing tools
Ratchet winders
162mm Ratchet winder tubes
312mm Ratchet winder tubes
375mm Ratchet winder tubes
635mm Ratchet winder tubes
5 inch hair pin staples
6 inch hair pin staples
7 inch hair pin staples
8 inch hair pin staples
3.15mm high tensile line wire 400m 25 kg coils