Corrie Wise

There are fencing specifications and there are JB Corrie fencing specifications.

Fencing standards and specifications are in place for a reason. So if you are looking for a manufacturing company and supplier who are only too willing to offer a below standard fencing specifications, then JB Corrie & Co Ltd are not one of them! Why not? Well, with over eighty years of service to the fencing industry, JB Corrie have learnt from experience the fencing do’s and don’ts!

As you can imagine over these many years, JB Corrie have accumulated a massive amount of fencing knowledge and we would like to share this fencing knowledge with you by way of our Corrie Wise specification and tip pages. These pages will help you make an informed decision on the best fencing practices, that will ensure you are purchasing a product that will last, be safe and fit for purpose.


Why are JB Corrie different from other fencing manufacturers and erectors?


JB Corrie like to manufacture and supply our products to best suit the end use.

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