Corrie Roll Top Mesh

Corrie Roll top mesh is a cost effective easy to fit boundary fence.

corrie-wise-n wordsjpg Dig holes, ** place and concrete the posts, secure the Roll Top Mesh panels to the posts with security headed bolts.

Corrie Roll Top Mesh fencing generally comprises of 150 mm x 50 mm aperture panels with single 5 mm horizontal wires set at 150 mm centres with single 5 mm vertical wires set at 50 mm centres. The top of the panels are rolled over, giving the panel a flatter top with additional strength. These roll top panels are generally supported on suitable box / rectangular section posts. The roll top mesh panels are secured to the support posts with clips or full-length clamp bars.

The panels can also be supplied with tighter apertures* please enquire for details

Standard? Along with our standard stock panel fence systems, we can also customise the support posts / framework / gates to suit your specific project. Please send us your enquiry today

Typical Roll top mesh single height panels

  • 900 mm high roll top mesh panels
  • 1200 mm high roll top mesh panels
  • 1500 mm high roll top mesh panels
  • 1800 mm high roll top mesh panels

Typical panel width 3000 mm

Standard colours Green RAL 6005 and Black RAL 9005 other standard colours available*

After 1800 mm high, the panels can sit over each other, ie 1800 mm plus 1200 mm = 3000 mm high

If ball / litter retention was required, polypropylene netting can be fitted over the roll top mesh panels

We can also manufacture our roll top mesh fencing system to accept roof netting, again helping to keep balls etc within a designated area. Recommended minimum roof net height 3600 mm

We manufacture mesh gates to match within our British manufacturing facility; these include manual single leaf swing gates, manual double leaf swing gates, bi folding gates, sliding gates, hatch gates, wicket gates.

Self-closing mesh gates

Mesh gates with emergency exit ironmongery

Gates infilled with mesh with manual coded locks

Mesh panel gates capable of taking electronic mag locks and coded locks

We can also integrate security / sports lighting within the twin wire fence posts, eliminating the requirement for additional light columns

Support posts can also have lean over arm extensions added to carry additional panels, barbed wire, razor wire etc


  • General boundary fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Sports fencing
  • School fencing
  • Steel cages
  • Steel grills
  • Steel gates
  • Roof netting

*subject to qualities, smaller amounts may not be available

** Base plated posts, or cranked posts / special posts available please enquire