Corrie H6 Highways Fencing

Corrie Multi strand dropper fencing system (H6 Highways fences, stiles and gates) is a cost effective easy to fit highways fence.

corrie-wise-n wordsjpgDig holes, place, level and concrete in the posts to the specified foundation dimensions, strain the multi stand high tensile line wires, clip the Corrie droppers in place.

Motorway and accommodation works high tensile strained wire deer fences 210 H6

The H5 fence comprises of 16 strands of high tensile line wires, braced with Corrie droppers and supported on square / rectangular / tubular hollow section posts. The intermediate (line) posts are spaced at 7.5 m centres with straining posts set at approx. 0 m – 300 m depending on the site conditions.

H6 specifications

  • 16 multi strand line wires high tensile 3.15 mm galvanised
  • Intermediate (line) posts 2875 mm long x 50 x 50 x 3 mm shs with hairpin staples or pvc grommets
  • End straining posts 3025 mm long x 100 x 50 x 4 mm shs with a double 3025 mm long x 50 x 50 x 4 mm shs struts. With galvanised eye bolts or ratchet winders
  • Non-straining ends supplied with anchor pins

Two-way straining posts  3025 mm long x 100 x 50 x 4 mm shs with 2 x double 3025 mm long x 50 x 50 x 4 mm shs struts. With galvanised eye bolts or ratchet winders

Corner = 2 no end posts

7.5 m bay = 4 no 760 mm long droppers and 7 no 914 mm long droppers secured to the wires with dropper clips (77 no per bay)

Turning posts 3025 mm long x 88.9 x 4 mm od tube supplied with hair pin staples, eye bolts or welded eyes

Dropper clips fixed with a dropper tool

H6 fencing in conjunction with highways H7, highways H8, highways H9, highways H10

Single leaf and double leaf gates available please enquire

Posts and droppers hot dipped galvanised to BSEN ISO 1461


Hot dipped galvanised to BSEN ISO 1461 then polyester powder coated *

We manufacture gates to match within our British manufacturing facility; these include manual single leaf swing gates, manual double leaf swing gates, bi folding gates, sliding gates, hatch gates, wicket gates.

Self-closing gates

Gates with emergency exit ironmongery

Infilled with manual coded locks

Gates capable of taking electronic mag locks and coded locks


  • Highway fencing
  • H6 Highways fences, stiles and gates
  • Boundary fencing
  • Country park fencing
  • Royal parks fencing
  • Deer fencing
  • Farm fencing
  • Railway fencing
  • Cost effective fencing
  • Galvanised steel
  • Powder coated steel

*many standard RAL colours are available, nonstandard colours will carry a surcharge