Carpet Gripper System

JB Corrie carpet gripper system is constructed to suit artificial grass carpets.

Corrie carpet gripper sections are formed from pre galvanised sheet, a 2.5 metre long ‘U’ section with welded feet is concreted into the ground and the carpet is tucked into the section and secured with 1 metre long ‘C’ sections and nylon wedges.

  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Formed from pre galvanised material
  • Internal and external corners available
  • Only available as a supply only product


  • artificial grass sports areas


  • 2.5 metre x 3 mm pre galvanised ‘U’ sections with a Dutch fold and feet
  • 1 metre x 2 mm pre galvanised ‘C’ section
  • 10 mm nylon wedges