Acoustic Fencing & Barriers

JB Corrie, specialists in acoustic fencing and barriers, reflective and sound absorbent timber fencing.

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Acoustic barriers will not cut out noise completely but they will significantly dampen the noise from nearby roads or factories etc. Reflective barriers are designed to bounce sound waves back towards their source. Absorbent barriers are more efficient than their reflective counterparts. Combining the aesthetics and sound reduction of the reflective system, with an absorbent layer to the reverse side, this gives the system a high degree of sound absorption gained by a combination of mineral wool and a geotextile cladding.

  • Constructed from pressure treated softwood
  • Acoustic barriers are both practical and aesthetically pleasing
  • Various heights available
  • Prefabricated panels are available for slotting into steel posts or face fixing to timber posts


  • Highways
  • Private housing
  • Parks
  • Industrial units
  • Generator compounds