358 Type Welded Mesh Fencing

This mesh was designed to inhibit climbing owing to it’s closely welded wires. The design of 358 has seen it being integrated into sports fencing because of its excellent rebound characteristics.

76.1 x 12.5 x 4 mm mesh is commonly known as 358 prison mesh.



  •     Strong and versatile
  •     Cost-effective
  •     A more secure alternative to welded mesh and chainlink


Suitable Posts


  • Circular Hollow Section (CHS/Tube)
  • Rectangular hollow section (SHS, RHS)




  •     Industrial sites
  •     Ministry of Defence
  •     Secure units
  •     Ball courts
  •     Play areas
  •     School boundaries
  •     Parks
  •     Single, double and sliding gates available to match


Alternatives To Consider


  • Railings
  • Steel Palisade
  • Corrie Play




  • 4mm galvanised wires set in a 76.1mm x 12.5mm grid.
  • Standard panel width 2515mm
  • Standard panel heights 0 – 5200mm
  • Finish galvanised or galvanised and polyester powder coated to any standard RAL Colour.
  • Single, double and sliding gates to match.


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